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Our life is full of adventures and surprises, it is too splendid and unpredictable, but at the same time, it is beautiful. So let's have the time of our bright and active life, enjoy everything that surrounds us and of course look beautiful and attractive.

This book will help you achieve this. Starting Happy weight loss program, you will not only restore your slim figure, beauty or strength (for men) but completely change your life. Have a nice and wonderful journey!.

  • Why diets never work and why we fail ...
  • Detoxify your body and shed your weight.
  • Eating disorders or just emotional hunger?
  • The law of attraction for weight loss.
  • Foods to avoid and foods to enjoy.
  • Fitness for pleasure – Fitness for Fun.

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Irina’s painstaking effort in ensuring that this book is well researched is very obvious from the content coupled with her vast experience as a weight loss coach.

Akinola Oriola (Ph.D)

This book is a masterpiece that offers a profound insight into how to live a life we earnestly desire and if the instructions are followed religiously, it will produce a shocking result you will be proud of.

Reallife project

"This book will provide you with a clear-cut path and it will make your weight loss journey to a New You exciting and pleasant." Irina Ahnland


"Conquer new peaks, appreciate every moment, give love and joy to your loved ones because our life is only one and it flies so fast." Irina Ahnland

Irina Ahnland

Nutritionist / Beauty therapy practitioner
Irina Ahnland is a founder of Happy Weigh Loss programme, qualified as nutritionist and beauty therapy practitioner. She runs Beauty Clinic in London which specialise in Weight Management and Anti-aging. Irina also organises seminars and workshops for Happy Weight Loss and Wellbeing programmes.

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Excellent book. One of a kind. The author equips readers with ALL possible tools needed for losing weight and feeling happy in the process. So much relevant, well-researched, information. Even a step-by-step "to do" list for effective weigh-loss and emotional well-being. I would highly recommend this book to others.
Effective weigh-loss and emotional well-being
Excellent purchase! Revolutionary new approach to weight loss ! And none of the misery that usually comes with weight reduction. Well written and easy to follow , why aren't all weight loss guides like this !?
Revolutionary new approach to weight loss
There are real successful stories achieved by ordinary people which are very motivating.
Real successful stories


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